Hyphen Ministry

HYPHEN is for ages 18-36 and single. We realize at CFPC that this is a very important time for singles of this age. They are trying to figure out just why they are here and what to do with their lives. We believe a firm biblical foundation and solid teachings, combined with open and honest conversations about serious life topics is paramount for their success. The group also plans many meetups throughout the year, just to fellowship and get to know one another and build stronger church relationships with those in the same period of life as them. In addition, they faithfully assist Michael and Chera Grady in any avenue involving the youth and youth events.


HYPHEN is a part the UPCi’s program of the same name, with a slight variation on age limit, to better suit our congregational needs.

A hyphen is the mark you see on a tombstone between the birth date and the death date. That little marking in between is what defines a person’s very existence. We want to make sure it takes on meaning for them and has great significance on the Kingdom of God. Those years go quick and knowing exactly who you are and what you were put here for will make them go a lot better.

What will your Hyphen mean?