Collierville FPC Staff

Pastoral Staff

Pastor Terry Hunt

Rev. Terry Hunt

Pastor Terry Hunt has a true heart for his town and pastors like him don't come around often. He is sold out for the cause and believes in getting people involved and actively engaged in church. Pastor Hunt is also very down to earth in that he doesn't hide when he's not preaching. He actively engages his congregation and others in and out of the pulpit and lives what he preaches. He's also not afraid to get his hands dirty and did so many times; including the majority of the landscaping you saw when entering the property. He and his wife, Cindy, have been faithfully serving at CFPC for over 17 years.
Michael Bishop

Rev. Michael Bishop

Assistant Pastor
Reverand Michael Bishop (or "Superman" as he's more affectionately known by many) is young, but not without wisdom of those much older than he. He has worked hard and dedicated much time in previously working as a beloved youth pastor. Among other duties, he has led service openings and prayer multiple times throughout the years. Michael and Sister Katrina are always willing to help wherever they can be of assistance. We are thankful to have him in this position and genuinely excited for what the future holds.

Vivian Brumett

Worship Pastor
As worship pastor, Vivian oversees the organization of the music and worship for all services. She has a burden to see church worship consistently in both spirit and truth. Vivian is married, with four children and three grandchildren.

Micah & Cassie Brumett

Youth Pastor
The newly appointed youth pastors, Micah and Cassie Brumett, are recently married. They both attended Indiana Bible College, where they met. With both of them coming in with years of experience working with children and youth, they are dedicated to the work of God and have a passion for the young people of Collierville; their goal is to see growth in the youth department.
Jason Loyd

Jason Loyd

Lead Evangelism and Outreach Pastor
Jason Loyd is one of those guys that just "gets it". He doesn't let the trials in life keep him from being a light to this world. His heart is fully in reaching the lost. He's done prison ministry, helped in providing meals and encouragement to those at St. Jude, and served in various other opportunities as well. Jason risks his life often at his day job as a firefighter and takes that same dedication and selflessness with him as Outreach leader. Jason is married to Robin and they have three boys, -Walker Skyler, and Chandler- and a baby girl, Juliana.

Stephen and Lisa Underwood

Children's Church Pastors
The Underwoods are awesome with children and ministry. Many children have come to know about the goodness of Jesus by them and kids always feel safe, secure, and loved with them around. We couldn't ask for a better couple with such amazing talent and dedication for what they do!

Leadership Staff


Cindy Hunt

Pastor's Wife/Ministries Director/Lady's Ministry
Cindy Hunt has a heart for all people. Her foremost calling is to support her husband, Pastor Terry Hunt. Her desire is to see old and young alike to grow in the their walk with God and to excel in their callings. You may see her on any given Sunday singing to the babies, worshipping with the choir, or maybe teaching the adults. No task or person is too small to not be important.

Position Open

Family Pastor/Young Married Class
Please keep us in prayer while we are in transition of a new Family Pastor. Currently, the department is under the leadership of Pastor & Sis. Hunt.

James Maxwell

New Life Class
James Maxwell has a passion for new converts and heads up New Life, where they are grounded in biblical foundations. Brother Maxwell has been a solid Apostolic Christian for many years and has never lost that hunger and joy for the things of God. He is a great choice as leader for the vast wisdom and practical insights he carries as well. He is a very welcoming and friendly face that is sure to brighten anyone's day. In addition to serving new converts, we are also thankful to James Maxwell in his faithful service to our country in the military.
Daniel Brumett

Daniel Brumett

Men's Ministry Leader
Daniel Brumett leads Men's Ministry. He has a burden to see men rise up with a holy boldness and be who God has called them to be. Daniel believes no one wins alone and incorporates this philosophy into all he does to make sure the men of CFPC share in his successes. He has a burden to ensure no man is excluded and each feels empowered and equipped to serve in some capacity. Daniel is married, with four children and three grandchildren. Daniel doesn't take his calling lightly, yet he's very approachable and friendly.

Lopez family

Spanish Ministry
The Lopez family head up our church's Spanish ministry. They translate services into Spanish and also teach a Spanish Sunday school class. They have a heart for their people and are a wonderful addition to our church. Oftentimes when the weather permits, The Lopez family enjoys grilling out and having friends and relatives over for a good time. Brother Lopez is a very happy individual and will always stop for a quick conversation about church and life. Their family is always ready and willing to help where ever they are needed.

Operational Staff


Brian Smith

Worship Department Sound Engineer
Bryan Smith is our light and sound engineer. His job is to make sure that each service looks and sounds satisfactory. To ensure that the sound booth runs smoothly, this position requires him to attend practices with the choir and worship team. Each service is thoroughly sound-checked with a dedicated team to ensure everything is at an optimal level.

Terry Maness

Usher/Lead Greeter
Terry Maness leads up our greeters and ushers. He makes sure the first impressions to anyone walking up to the church doors are great. He also gathers information on new converts and ensures they receive their visitor's welcome bags. Terry can often be found handing out candy to kids and sitting with new members or connecting them with other people to make sure their first experience here is a pleasant and memorable one. Terry is also a lively worshipper and will gladly share his powerful testimony with anyone who may listen.

Charles "Chuck" Land

Bookstore Operator
Chuck Land faithfully runs the bookstore with his assistant, Ethan Underwood. Brother Land also burns CDs of the services, assists with YouTube service uploads, and offers general assistance. He doesn't just consider this a bookstore. He views it as his ministry and contribution. It certainly shines through by his commitment and his love for both people and the things of God!
John Patton

John Patton

Live Feed/Video
John Patton runs the video media for our church. He has been doing professional video service for over 10 years, so it's in very capable hands. When not working in the booth, John is usually sharing unique biblical wisdom or making puns with just about everyone.

Barry Pope

Sound Engineer
Barry Pope, a devoted father and husband, is among our excellent sound engineers we are blessed with here at CFPC. He takes great pride in ensuring the audio heard throughout the sanctuary is crisp and clear. Barry's sound qualifications includes running sound for General Conference. He's friendly, knowledgeable, and patiently anticipating what else God has in store for him and his family.