Our Goal is to Have Every Member of the Church Active in Some Form of Ministry.


Sometimes people want to go to church, but they just don't have a ride. Sometimes we have events out of town and we need those who are just willing to (SAFELY) get our groups there. Perhaps physical activity isn't your thing, but you are a great driver. Or perhaps you just love helping a neighbor when you can.

Hospital/Nursing Home Visits

Do you have a burden for the sick or the forgotten? Does putting a smile on the face of someone going through a tough time put one on your face as well? Can you connect with God for the needs of others in desperate health situations? We've got a place just for you!

Music Ministry

We do have platform expectations that are a bit higher than other areas, but if you can meet these, we'd love to have you join us with your talents in singing or playing a particular instrument. We have no room for divas, but for those who desire to put God in the spotlight, we can always find an extra position somewhere for you.

Media Team

Our services don't just happen. We have several people working diligently in the background to slides go up, lights are set, the media goes live and looks good, and the sound is crisp and clear. It's not glamorous, but without people just like you, we wouldn't be near as effective in presentation of any of our services.,

Community Service

CFPC sponsors Community Service every Saturday from 8am-1pm. We need volunteers to help direct those in classes. We are also continuously looking for positive examples that share a burden for these individuals.

Social Media

If you are like most of us, you probably spend a ton of time on social media sites already. If you are the type of person that enjoys connecting with others through these means and can handle conflict appropriately, perhaps you can head up one of these sites yourself to help get the church name out there to the masses.


Brian Edmaiston is always looking for extra people to help with outreach; doing everything from knocking doors in the community to visiting the Ronald McDonald House and being a blessing to them every 3rd Saturday

Deaf ministries

Know sign language? We have some members in our church who are dedicated to signing during services, but we can always use more in services as well as in many other areas throughout. We don't wish that anyone goes without hearing the Word or feeling like they are a part of our church.

New Member Retention

Brother James Maxwell does an awesome job with all our new converts, but we are also gaining several members to our ranks of our church family and we need those who love connecting to others to join alongside him.

We’re also always looking for those who have passions and burdens for peoples and areas we haven’t yet tapped into. Perhaps you may have a new ministry you’d like to head up and just need a group of people to get behind you and pray with you and share your burden for them.